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Bluish silver Spanking Rose

Bluish silver Spanking Rose

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You want to offer flowers, but not just any flowers.
These are exceptional and durable, they will rekindle the flame of your erotic games. These bdsm roses are made of a raw wooden stem covered with real black leather, leather leaves intertwine up to the flower, itself in silver-colored leather with bluish reflections.


Pain level (ranked from 1 to 10+): 5

Length: 51 cm (20 inches)
Shaft width: 1.5cm (0.4 inch)
Rose width: 8 cm (3 inch)

In the language of flowers, the blue rose symbolizes rarity, it evokes mystery, the achievement of the impossible, patience, eternal hope or the purity of a love that seems impossible. It would be able to bring youth to the one who holds it or to fulfill his wishes.
The rose has always evoked sensuality, with its suave softness and velvety touch, hiding the bite of its sharp thorns. You will find these sensations with this grain of leather, sometimes soft under the fine grain of its leather, sometimes hard-hitting, making you shudder under your blows.
A torrid and delicious punishment, for the person who inflicts it, and the one who receives it.


This bdsm rose knows how to be very soft, you can use it on the most fragile areas such as the private parts, under your blows it will also be able to inflict good spankings. The impact of this instrument is similar to a whip and a light striker. The grip is facilitated by the handle covered with leather which does not slip and a wrist strap finishes the instrument, allowing it to be hung easily.

The pluses of the designer

All the BDSM creations of this shop are unique and made in a traditional way, in my workshop located close to Paris.

The prototypes were tested before the sale of the finished products, in order to ensure their pleasant handling and their efficiency.

The items will all be made to order and are customizable, write to me for any special request.

Shipments are made in discreet packages, without mention of the brand above.
They can also be sent by Mondial Relay at the same price, in this case, contact me .

Pain levels

Pain levels are defined in the context of BDSM practice, they correspond to a classification from 1 to 10+,
1 representing the least pain, 10+ being the highest pain felt.

This ranking is informative, and corresponds to the average feeling of the different people who have tested these items with the designer.

The perception of pain being variable between individuals, different feelings are possible

Maintenance tips

Store your bdsm accessories in a dry place, and avoid shocks.

For simple cleaning, use a soft cloth.

If it is necessary to disinfect the instrument, use a medical surface disinfectant, leave to act according to the instructions, and dry well.

Tracked and discreet delivery

All packages are sent in a discreet box, without mention of the brand on it.

It is also possible to send them via Mondial Relay for the countries concerned. In this case, contact me .

Manufacturing time

Once your order has been validated, a delay of two weeks is to be expected before delivery, the time that I manufacture your object by hand.


For any customization, you can contact me , to define your BDSM project together

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