Questions and answers

What is the quality service of Sensuel et Marquant?

Buying from Sensuel et Marquant is the guarantee of quality monitoring for all products. Whatever the date of purchase, you can contact me to find the most suitable solution for your request.

What does the packaging of my order look like?

The packages are all as discreet as possible, the box is neutral, without mention.
The label does not mention the brand.
Certain details must be given for customs for packages outside the European Union, the bare minimum is listed there, in French.

Are the items handmade?

Yes, the BDSM items in the store are all handmade.

The leather is bought dyed, then worked entirely by hand.

The wood is preferably recycled, and completely transformed, sanded, stained with walnut stain that I make, then oil/wax varnish to the strictest food standards.

The candles are created entirely by hand, with carefully chosen waxes, oils and dyes.

The stainless steel claws are made on an existing base, but transformed.

What are the materials used ?

The different materials used for BDSM creations are chosen with care

  • Different types of wood: Hazel, Oak, Beech, Pine
  • stainless steel
  • Lamb, sheep or cow leather
  • Top quality PVC

Are the objects customizable?

Yes, all objects can be custom made, the cost may or may not change depending on the customization, you can contact me to define your BDSM project together.

Where to find you?

You can see some of my items on display at Cris et Chuchotements

What can I clean blood from instruments with?

Thorough cleaning is best, always use a soft cloth to preserve the surface of the item.

For disinfection, use a medical surface disinfectant as soon as possible after bdsm practice to avoid staining.
Leave on for the time indicated on the label, and wipe off.
It is possible to pass a second layer afterwards and to wipe it directly to remove the last residues.
Always dry well at the end with a clean cloth.