The Lady

Owner, Creator, Customer Service

Dominant woman, for more than 10 years in the BDSM universe, happy owner of my companion and submissive and of my slave, I create my own accessories, according to my imagination and my desires of leather and other noble and natural materials.

Key points of the creations

It seemed important to me to work on 3 main points:
- Originality: we quickly made the rounds of paddles, canes and other classic BDSM instruments, while there is a whole world to discover and reinvent.
- Quality: for good durability and to meet my demanding requirements, it was necessary to build around raw, noble base materials that last over time and resist rigorous and repeated impacts.
- Aesthetics: the beauty of an object contributes so much to the sensuality and impressions of the moments shared, that it seemed inconceivable to me that these creations do not fully reflect this desire.

Totally handmade creations

I am very happy to be able to say that all the BDSM items in the shop are handmade, in my workshop close to Paris.

With a certain idea of ​​ecology, it is important for me to be able to recycle, divert, harvest, the material that will be used for my future creations, such as the cane in hazelnut which is picked by hand before being peeled, when in leather used for the handles of the swifts, they come from scraps, the paddles are tinted with walnut husk made from pods collected in nature.

Always in search of new sensations, future BDSM creations will still be added, to satisfy you even more.

A personalization service at your service

The strength of craftsmanship is to be able to respond as much as possible to the wishes of our client.

Contact me for any special request, I will be happy to find, with you, the best possible option.