What gift to give to a Dominatrix?

cadeau pour dominatrice, deux mains attachent une ruban une étiquette indique for mistress, pour maîtresse en anglais

As the holidays approach, comes the fateful question of gifts, which one to give in order to please a Dominatrix the most?

Classic gifts

man wraps a gift for a dominant woman, on the box is indicated for mistress with love, for my mistress with love in French

You will have to trust his recurring passions, or those of the moment. And be attentive to what she may particularly want.
Some ideas that you can find on Etsy , an artisan platform.

If she likes decoration :

  • Pretty original candles (prefer them to soy, and without synthetic fragrance, health above all)
  • A fluted glass vase containing a bouquet
  • A painting representing a subject she appreciates

If she likes jewelry :

  • An ornate wooden jewelry box

If she likes gothic style

  • A leather corset belt

BDSM gifts

valentines day gift for dominatrix with hearts

For a beginner Dominatrix , you can start with a BDSM kit, or an assortment of easy-to-use instruments.

  • The ropes, useful for shibari, choose them in size 6mm, in cotton for decorative bondage, and in jute or hemp for real tying.
  • The wooden bdsm paddles allow you to give comprehensive spankings, being very easy to use.
  • The ultra-low temperature candles allow a soft introduction to wax play and temperature games.
  • Badines , another classic, particularly appreciated in school teacher or English education games.
  • Wooden bdsm knives , to test the sensations of knife play in a safe way.
  • Handcuffs if she likes to attach quickly, prefer them in real leather or fabric.

You are looking for originality and romanticism, think about taping roses , they are used like riding crops and can demonstrate the love or devotion you have for your Dominant. Use the language of flowers to convey the message you want.

For a very sadistic Dominatrix , or one who already has a large arsenal, here are the instruments that can dazzle her.

Homemade gifts

handmade gift for dominatrix, a man dressed in a work apron wraps a gift

Use your know-how to make him an instrument that matches the passion you have for him.

  • A wooden object engraved by hand or with a pyrograph with his name.
  • A kit of shibari ropes prepared yourself by processing raw rope
  • A hand-stitched or embroidered bag to carry your belongings
  • A framed illustration of her

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