What is a “Paddle Vampire”?

Qu'est-ce qu'un "Paddle Vampire" ?
Paddleboards are probably not unknown to you, especially after reading this article .
Vampire paddles form a category of their own.


Differences between classic BDSM paddles and vampire paddles

vampire paddle bdsm kit


The paddles are mainly used for spanking, with thuddy impacts. They are often made up of a flat part which will distribute the impact well and make the buttocks turn pink.
It is one of the first instruments to be used by BDSM practitioners.

Vampire paddles will also be most commonly used for spanking, during blood play practices, the interest will lie in the sharp points allowing them to pass through the skin barrier.
They can also be used for scratches, if the spikes are sharp enough, by sliding the vampire paddle along the skin.


What effects do vampire paddles produce?

vampire paddle placed on buttocks, with blood


  • Upon impact

The vampire paddles offer a really special sensation, the tips can be felt directly, and provide intense pain (between 8 and 10+ depending on the pain levels ).

The wooden part in which they are fixed is barely felt, and will leave plenty of room for the sharp spikes whose ends will sink into the skin.

Depending on the points used ( single , multiple or even crown ), the impact will be more or less strong, and will produce a single sting effect, or several in succession.


The pleasure will also reside in the gentle flow of blood produced after each strong blow, the small drops forming on the skin more and more quickly, depending on the repeated impacts and their intensity.


  • In scratches

You can scratch gently, producing gentle shivers while scratching the skin, or press harder and start to see red lines forming on the surface, up to slight drops of blood.


Using vampire paddles

dominatrix holding a vampire paddle

Vampire paddles must be handled with care, it will be better to practice with more classic paddles, or with the wooden part without spikes before trying to practice blood games with the spikes.

For impact games, it will be preferable to only use the vampire paddles on the fleshiest areas, on this graph this will concern the green areas, and mainly the buttocks.




Concerning the use of vampire paddles for scratching, you should especially avoid the most fragile areas (in red), as well as the head, and modulate the intensity of the pressure exerted for scratching when the areas are thinner or sensitive ( in orange)


How to choose a good vampire paddle?

stinging hand and blood


An effective vampire paddle must have very sharp spikes, this will make it easier for you to practice and will not require excessive force to use.

Prefer stainless steel vampire paddles, regular contact with fluids and disinfection products will quickly rust poor quality metals, and compromise the hygiene necessary for blood play.

Vampire paddles whose base is made of hard materials such as metal or wood (provided that it is treated with the varnish suitable for this use) will provide well-distributed pressure, and effectively direct the place where will produce the impact.


Health and Safety

gloved hand cleaning wood


Before :

  • It is essential to disinfect the vampire paddles before each session, in order to eliminate any contaminants that may have been deposited on the surface.
    To do this, you can use a medical surface disinfectant, or a non-colored disinfectant stating that it is virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal.
    Leave to act for the indicated time, and wipe or wipe with a damp cloth, following the disinfectant instructions.

  • It will be preferable to protect the area in which you will practice, with a plastic sheet for example.

  • Getting tested for HIV, HBV and HCV will always be a significant plus. It is also possible to get vaccinated for HBV.


  • Plan a large enough practice area so as not to hurt other people who approach you, especially in the evenings.

  • Choose clothes that are not afraid of stains.

  • It will be preferable for the person receiving the impact to shower shortly before the session, or even 1 to 2 hours before, in order to eliminate a large part of the infectious agents.

  • Just before impact, disinfect the area of ​​the body on which you will practice.

  • Start slowly and check that you don't risk touching areas with too thin skin

  • Stay attentive to your partner's reactions, especially if blood particularly impresses him or if he has not yet tried this type of practice. It will be better to define a safeword in advance, remembering that the safeword itself may not be enough.


    • Disinfect the area that received the impacts, and provide a clean towel, or even a sterile field so that your partner does not get blood everywhere while the wounds coagulate.

    • Disinfect the equipment briefly to remove excess blood and prevent the development of bacteria.

    • Proceed with after-care.
    • The recipient should bring stain-resistant and dark clothing to get dressed after the session, in case of traces of blood due to rubbing of the fabric on the wounds.
    • Check the progress of the wounds if there is a reaction: redness or persistent pain (more than 48 hours), heat in the area of ​​the lesions, swelling, fever.


    In conclusion, vampire paddles can give you sensations that you won't find anywhere else, and will be the tools of choice for blood play. Handle them with the necessary safety, and they can bring you a lot of pleasure.

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