How to use low temperature candles?

Comment utiliser des bougies basse température ?

Low temperature candles in BDSM, the art of sensuality.

Low temperature candles play a unique role in BDSM practices, providing a combination of intoxicating sensations.

A sweet sensuality

couple embracing with a lit candle in the background

One of the main reasons low temperature candles are popular in BDSM is their ability to provide unique sensory stimulation. Unlike traditional candles, these candles are specially designed to melt at lower temperatures, meaning they won't burn skin on contact.
When used with care, they can create a feeling of pleasant warmth and that characteristic little spiciness when poured in a pour, or drop by drop on the skin.

Safety first

fluorescent low temperature candle

When using candles in BDSM, safety is a primary concern. Low temperature candles are designed to minimize the risk of burns and skin damage. Their lower melting point ensures that the wax does not exceed a temperature dangerous for the skin.
However, it is essential to take proper precautions, such as testing the temperature of the wax on a small area of ​​skin before applying it more widely.
It is also recommended to use candles specifically designed for this purpose, which are usually made from mild vegetable waxes such as soy wax.
ultra low temperature candles on a burgundy satin background
To start, there are also ultra low temperature candles , or massage candles, whose wax is mixed with other components, such as coconut oil, in order to have an even lower melting point, approaching even more skin temperature.
Paraffin should be avoided, its melting point can be much hotter, but above all, the fumes from this substance coming from petrochemicals can be harmful to the respiratory tract.
Be careful to avoid large clumps of wax, thick puddles can take longer to cool and damage the skin.
In the event of burns, by wax or flame, the best immediate remedy remains lukewarm, slightly cool water, especially not icy, passed over the area for at least 15 minutes.

Place to practice waxplay*

Woman holding a white candle
Playing with candles also involves a risk on the immediate environment.
Take care to keep objects that are too flammable, and to protect the protective surfaces against drips or drops of wax. A dedicated towel or sheet can do the trick.
Never put your candle, even freshly extinguished, on a flammable surface, as the heat from the wick can also cause a fire.
A candlestick is ideal for placing the candle, in addition to adding an elegant touch.
Always have a container with water handy, in case of need.

Communication and Consent

hands holding a candle

As with any BDSM practice, it is essential to communicate clearly and obtain mutual consent before using low heat candles. It is important to establish limits and safewords/safegest so that all parties feel confident and safe throughout the experience.

remove the wax

woman lit by candle

Do not remove it in the shower, it will clog your pipes.
The wax can be removed with a knife to play on sensations and fear. This ranges from very sharp knives to wooden knives for added safety.
It can also be removed by hand, by passing the nail under the surface of the wax.
Or with any other fairly flat instrument, such as a thin spatula for example.
Finish removing the last traces with a towel or a cloth dedicated to this use.
This moment is just as sensual as that of the casting itself, take the opportunity to pamper your partner.


burning candle

This BDSM practice is considered rather soft, but still involves risks, it is important that all those present can be aware of this. In an appropriate setting, it's a real shared pleasure that will bring you sweet and warm sensations.
*waxplay is the name given to the practice using candles, but also to other practices involving the use of wax
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