How to address a Dominatrix online?

Comment s'adresser à une Dominatrice sur internet ?

How to address a Dominant Woman online?

Whether you're submissive, Switch, Dom, other...

And in general, whether you are looking for it or not, how should you address a Dominante?

dominant woman looking submissive in the eyes

Just by talking to a person, we commonly have complete profiles on dating sites, Fetlife, and I find very often that they are not even read.

How many times have I received "Hello Mistress, you want a maid/make me your female dog/train me/etc..."

Let's be clear, I am only the Mistress of the person I make mine, it is a mark of belonging to be able to call me this way.
You, whom I don't know, you have in no way earned this right.
And this is valid for many Dominants. If you say you are submissive, tell yourself that it is not up to you to decide which title to give.

dominatrix lying on chaise longue

Another fairly recurrent thing, the copy/paste of a text that can be pleasant, if it was not the same, sent to 100 different Dominas.
And yes, it shows when you haven't bothered to read, and take an interest in the person opposite.

Then the physical. Why describe for 10 lines the weight that you are, what you look like and worse, to specify that you are well or very badly hung?
A D/s relationship is above all mental and if we really want to have physical details we are able to ask for them.

If you want to communicate with a Dominatrix, moreover if you have a particular interest in her, show that you are interested in who she is, in her desires, her aspirations.

Put aside your ego and also know how to listen, it's a great mark of respect, of interest, and you will stand out from the many messages that we have, all the time.

dominant woman with claws

Also remember that we have hundreds of requests that it can be boring or tiring to answer all of them. What's more when the message resembles the thousands of others already received and it does not interest us.

A Dominant has no obligation towards you, even if you want to submit, even if you are a novice, even if you are frustrated, even if she has practices that interest you or has taken photos that you like.

dominant woman wearing heels This does not oblige the Dominant to answer you

A Lady owes you nothing for the simple fact of existing or pleasing you. If she doesn't want to answer you, that's her choice. If she doesn't want to practice with you, that's her choice as well. She doesn't owe you an explanation either.
And it's a shame to see very often this kind of demand from people who also claim to be submissive. At that time, be well aware that you are subject only to yourself.

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En tant que soumis, quand je m’adresse à un dominant qui n’est pas le mien, je crois que nos rapports ne doivent avoir comme contrainte que la courtoisie et la bonne éducation


Merci d’avoir posté le lien sur discord cela facilite les choses.
Sinon c’est très intéressant à lire et c’est un raisonnement des plus logique.
Le seul point noir pour moi c’est le passage sur les messages copier coller. J’ai testé la dizaine de messages copier coller et la dizaine de messages personnalisé. Comme vous le dites “Une Dominante n’a aucune obligation envers vous” donc libre de répondre ou pas comme tout le monde d’ailleurs. Et honnêtement j’ai plus eu l’impression que c’est une histoire humeur de la domina que d’effort du soumis.

Ceci n’est que mon point de vue personnel, rien de plus.


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