What is Blood Play in BDSM?

Femme portant à la bouche des doigts couverts de sang

Blood Play, what is it exactly?

The BDSM practice of Blood Play is categorized in Edge Play because of the risks involved. It is a practice that is part of the taboos, both for its dangerous aspect and for its shocking side.

It is characterized by knowingly causing blood to bleed and/or using the blood to smear it, taste it, make it flow, etc.

It aims to reach a certain state of transcendence, or of carnal pleasure, in the fact of transgressing a prohibition, but also of offering one's body to the other, like ancient sacrifices. Or even in mysticism, like vampires, feeding on the vital fluid.


vampire woman


Many tools are used in this particular practice. Knives, needles, claws , and any sharp objects, such as vampire paddles , scratching objects such as vampire floggers , or vampire gloves.

They can be used to cut, scratch, prick, even to cut the skin by friction like with a whip .
The goal is above all to cause a break in the skin, deep enough to reach the micro vessels on its surface, avoiding too great a depth, or too large an area.


paddle vampire laying on buttocks with impact marks and drops of blood

This practice is very controversial because the blood can cause infections, blood-borne diseases, and can cause participants to lose consciousness. Physical damage is also a major risk.

It is therefore crucial that people who wish to practice Blood Play commit to doing so safely.

That means:

  • Use of sterile needles or clean and disinfected instruments intended for this use and reserved for a single recipient.
  • Use of appropriate disinfectants to clean the skin before and after the Blood Play session
  • Use of appropriate disinfectants for instruments before each session.
  • Medical tests to avoid blood transmissions.
  • Respect for the limits of each participant.

    syringe to illustrate bloodplay, held by a gloved hand, a syringe filled with red liquid

    If you want to try Blood Play, it is essential to discuss these precautions with your partner before you begin.

    You should also ensure:

    • That you are both in an emotionally fit state to participate in this practice.
    • Medical history of the recipient, and contraindications such as hemophilia and diabetes
    • That the recipient is not taking a blood thinner such as aspirin
    • That none of the participants is under the influence of drugs or alcohol
    • To know a minimum of first aid notions

    In conclusion, be aware of the risks associated with Blood Play and act with caution.
    Then all you have to do is enjoy this shared moment.

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    Le blood play comme toutes les pratiques limite du BDSM, implique une très grande responsabilité du Maitre ou de la Maitresse vis à vis du soumis, soumise concernant la sécurité. Cela implique également une totale confiance du soumis à son sa Maitre(sse). Il y a une part de risque dans ces pratiques , mais il peut être largement maitrisé si l ’on suit vos recommandations.


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