The shop for lovers of chic and spicy pleasures

Lovers of spicy pleasures and good taste, you are at home here.
Admire and succumb to the sulphurous pleasures of handmade accessories made in France.

Sensual and striking, it is:

Originality, quality and aesthetics

All BDSM items in the store are designed to give you the best possible experience.

  • The paddles are made of thick and resistant wood.
  • Floggers in full grain leather, jute rope or quality pvc.
  • Low temperature candles are made from European non-gmo soy wax and UV reactive dyes
  • Paracord whips are made of choice fibers
  • Whenever possible, all metal used is stainless steel

Handcrafted creations

All BDSM creations offered in this shop are handmade.

  • The whips are braided for several days and have 4 layers in all.
  • The paddles are cut with a scroll saw, with a manual finish with an abrasive sheet.
  • The leather is cut with a rotary cutter, and fixed with a specific glue, then nailed if necessary.
  • The wax for the candles is melted in a bain-marie, with the chosen dyes, then poured with a cotton wick into suitable moulds.

An ethical approach

Ethical materials are used as much as possible.

The wood used for paddles , finger stocks , back straighteners , knives and feathers comes from old furniture. It is carefully sanded, trimmed, refurbished. A new life is offered to it, with its share of history.

The wood used for the hazel sticks is harvested by hand in autumn, in the surrounding area. It respects the cycle of the plant and its harvest does not require any transport.

The wax of the low temperature candles is European and guaranteed GMO-free

The leather, used in particular for the floggers , comes from the end of tannery stocks, as much as possible. And it is used until the falls, especially for making spanking roses .

Always at your service

Whatever the question, the desired customization, the BDSM project you have, write to me , I will always be available to answer it.

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